Powerful Pedicab Advertising

As an innovative and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, BicyTaxi pedicabs provide the perfect vehicle to deliver your brand’s message.

Millions of people travel the city streets of NYC, Chicago or Boston every day, walking to work, meeting friends and driving home. Each pedicab represents an exciting new advertising medium that impacts everyday lives and guides consumers down the right purchase path.

Sponsor a fleet of pedicabs, customize them to fit your brand, provide free rides and product samples – and create the ultimate OOH brand experience!

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BicyTaxi is the freshest way to take your brand to the next level. Click below to see how BicyTaxi can work for you.

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With operations around the country, BicyTaxi can be anywhere you need us.

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We’ve had the privilege of working with many of the world’s premier brands. Check out some of our recent promotions.

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