How BicyTaxi Can Work for You

We specialize in making your brand real and relevant to your consumers.

We do it with an array of tools tailored to meet your needs. Wraps can be customized in any color, shape or texture. But the outside of the bike is just the beginning. We like to think of the bike’s interior as a blank canvas where we can create the ideal environment for the consumer to experience your brand. Sound, video, handouts and a cast of drivers trained to deliver your message are just a few of the ways BicyTaxi’s can work for your brand. The possibilities are endless.

The images and video demonstrate what we do best: getting our clients’ messages directly to their consumers.

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Download a Design Template:

Customize your BicyTaxi wrap to fit your brand’s message.

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How to Submit Artwork:

Check how to submit your final artwork file directly to us.

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Who we work with:

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We’ve had the privilege of working with many of the world’s premier brands. Check out some of our recent promotions.

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