Who Are Our Clients?

Since 2005, America’s most cherished brands have trusted BicyTaxi. With every partnership, we work to create solutions that challenge the expected by surprising and engaging consumers.

We recognize that what matters most are results. Our clients demand them. We do, too.

BicyTaxi strives to make every campaign — no matter how big or small — a success. Here are just a few of our “success stories”.

Scroll down to read more about some of the companies who have successfully partnered with BicyTaxi.

Chase / Facebook

Campus Tour
4 Weeks, 12 Markets
50 BicyTaxis Offered free rides for college students on various college campuses (17) to raise awareness and promote the +1 Group on Facebook.com and encourage enrollment.

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NOURISH Hair Care line - Earth Day
1 Week / NYC, Seattle, Boston
10 BicyTaxi’s in each market fully wrapped and branded transported customers to and from the salon and cruised the salon's general vicinity, passing out samples.

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Location launch
2 Weeks / Houston, TX
A team of 8 BicyTaxis, each equipped with an Audio system playing Houston Symphony Orchestra music for consumers to enjoy while they were given free rides around the area such as the Museum District, Rice Village, the Theater District, and hotels such as Intercontinental Hotel and Hilton Hotel.

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Delta Airlines

Film Festival Sponsorship
4 Weeks / NYC
12 Dedicated BicyTaxis fully wrapped and branded raise awareness in Tribeca Film Festival and offer free rides to visitors sponsor by Delta Airlines.

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Flagship Stores
3 Months / NYC, Chicago
10 Bicytaxis raise awareness for Nokia sponsored film "Wild Ocean" and transported people to the new flagship stores to be given free t-shirts and potentially tickets to see the film.

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Auto Show, Javits Center
15 days / NYC
15 Bicytaxi’s drivers offered free rides to raise awareness and promote the new Honda Hybrid Car at the Auto Show in Javits Center, 10 hours per day. 2,100 rides!

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American Express

US Open Tennis Games
16 days / Queens, NY
8 BicyTaxis drivers were outfitted in branded apparel and were equipped with DVDs with additional information on American Express Credit Cards. The rides took place from main Subway station and parking lots right to the entrance of the games.

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Washington Tourism

Cherry Blossom Festival
1 day / Washington, DC
A team of 6 BicyTaxis offered free rides to visitors of the National Cherry Blossom Festival courtesy of Washington.org.
Location Visited: Washington National Park Area, The Washington Nationals Baseball Game.

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